Monday, 30 July 2012

Riding a wier

Woke up in the middle of the night, still asleep, pitch back and the ground below me was swaying ( land sickness apparently ) thought I was still in the canoe on the river and that we'd all fallen asleep paddling at night. I started scrambling on the ground for my paddle and shouting Dan to wake up. The commotion woke tali up who reassured me I was safe on in a field. Hahaha what a horrible feeling.
After a big breakfast we hit the river and quickly approached Maisemore wier where we avoided taking the canals on the left and took the wier to the right. ( no going back from here)
We pulled up on the left just next to the wier, in order to access the situation and a way around it. We met father and son, Tony and Luke who gave us some confidence to go down.
We hit the middle of the wier ( video to be uploaded ) and it was fine, canoe scrapped the bottom a little but still great feeling.
After 3 hours hard paddling we reached the Severn Boar pub on the right. There are no boats now on the river so no jetti to pull up. You can take the floodgate to dock but we tied in and scrambled to banks. ( take the floodgate if you do it )
The owners, Mark and Naomi were awesome. We had a couple of ales and an all day breakfast whilst Mark told us his knowledge of the river, the dangers and best way to do it. It will start to get rough from here and with the tide we could reach 15-20 mph in the canoe.... I was ready to call it a day.
We said good bye and they kindly refilled our waters and gave us some cereal bars for the trip. Great pub if you ever pass Minsterworth get yourself in there.
Back on the river we judged the tide a little off and had to battle against it for a couple of hours, before we pulled up off a sand bank on the right, we are a few miles from Newnham. The sand banks are deadly but luckily the sand wasn't too wet. It was a task to get up the bank in the rain. Avoid this.
We have pitched and it is now throwing it down, camped below an electricity pillon.
Loads of photos to upload when we get back.
Night guys

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  1. Night you 3! Be careful on the rest of your journey.
    Aaron says blea blah dadada daaaaa! I think that roughly translates to miss you daddy come home soon. Love you :-p