Wednesday, 18 July 2012


This is a blog created to capture pictures and information from a canoeing trip down Britain's longest river, the River Severn. There are three of us starting near Pool Quay in Powys and we plan to head down the river towards the sea at Bristol, camping, fishing and maybe a bit of hunting along the way. 

The expected navigational distance of River to cover is around 130miles with a presumed average or around 15-20miles per day. The River turns Tidal in Gloucestershire.... 

We start this Saturday Am and with an internet ready phone to hand and a decent camera, we plan to update the Blog every night with pictures and story's for those we are leaving for a week back home. 

This will be a new experience for all three of us (Myself, Dan and Tali) and with the weather recently being very wet for July, we expect to have some discomforts with camping, a very high river and possible threats at rapids and weirs.

This is a Trip which we hope will be one of many to come, we have prepared for the last couple of weeks and have all the gear we feel should aid us in our journey (including a bottle of port and brandy :) ) 

Please feel free to join in and keep updated with our adventure.

Map of The River Severn

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