Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ironbridge and the rapids

Woke up our stone and sand beach and had breakfast cooked by Dan. Caned bacon, eggs, beans and toast. Said goodbye to the beach and headed a few miles to Ironbridge.
We met Dan's dad, aunty and uncle who kindly bought us some ales and a nice hot lunch. We also took advantage of the hot water and toilets in the pub!
We said are goodbyes and decided that Dan and Tali would tow the kayak down the river, whilst I walked through Ironbridge to ask for a map. I met them after the bridge and climbed down a bank to get in the kayak, only I fell in the river and tried to scramble back up the muddy bank. ( not thought through )
We hit Jacksfield rapids and stopped to prepare our gear and get helmets on. ( gutted we didn't get a picture )
The rapids were quite calm, but the best part of the river so far and we enjoyed avoiding any potential capsize.
After Ironbridge we looked for camp for about 3 hours but hit a massive private estate that took us through Bridgenorth. We spotted a lovely looking patch of grass from the river so I climbed up to look to pitch ( golf course )
We stopped about 9pm in a farmers cornfield and pitched. Lets hope the farmer or the snakes dont get us in the morning.
Tali in bed whilst me and Dan are enjoying a nice tin mug of port and brandy.
Nighty night

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