Friday, 27 July 2012

Fishermen of the corn

I woke up this morning in a cornfield to talking next to our tent, I looked out and there was two fishermen fishing in the river.  They had sneaked past us whilst we were asleep.
These two guys ( Mick and Jim ) turned out to be a laugh and told us tales of fishing in india and having to unhook a swan on the riverbank.
We collected the washing on our homemade washing line (very imaginative) and headed down the river.
We tried a new fishing technique of connecting the kayak to the canoe and trolling off the back. (ended up crashing and stuck on rocks)
Next town was Arley, which we docked and went for a pint and charged phone a little (beautiful place to live)
We decided to stop early today, pitch and have a chill out evening instead of rushing in the dark.
We found a nice stone beach on the left between Arley and Bewdley. We are tooked away up the bank but in the middle of a field. There is a reservoir behind us an a old steam train valley. Severn valley.
You can swim off the stones and ski down the rocks on your feet. Awesome for a swim.
Tali's phone is bust so Chantelle, he says he is fine. For now...
Just settling down now for the night with a few drinks and nice fire.
Good evening guys.


  1. Ok tar for letting me no ...How did it get busted? u loads Tali xxxx<3xxxx hope yr ok xxx

  2. Arrrr Bewdley, those were the days, my old stomping ground - young free and single. Many many moons ago. :)