Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lawnmowers and ales

Rudely awaken this morning to lawnmowers cutting the grass around us! 4 Guys with remote controlled grass cutters. We didn't rush, had breakfast, washed the canoe and dried our clothes in the sun.
We had a quick swim again in the river avoiding guys with chainsaws cutting down trees. Great morning still.
We headed down the river to Bewdley, where we went for a couple of pints on the right before the bridge ( cock and magpie ) where Lucy kindly refilled our waters and got a picture with us outside the pub.
From Bewdley we headed onto Stourport where we looked at camping on left at Birmingham camping club but decided against the £12.50 per tent and camp no fire policy.
We carried on through Stourport and stopped at the Angel pub on the left as we could have a pint and watch the canoes. Dan bought fish and chips and we walked through the carnival there to drop off the rubbish. ( resisted the fairground doughnuts and rides on the bumpercars )
As we crept upto Stourport wier it had past 7pm and the locks were shut, so had to unload and carry everything round. (very efficient now, only took 20mins with everything)
Getting dark we stopped at the next place just after the wier called the Hamstall Inn, had an ale found out there was no where to camp officially for a few miles and the next wier is in 2miles. Still in good spirits and pitch black we found a place a mile after on the right. Pulled the canoe up a fishing bay and in a field. Too dark to know what else is here....
We have travelled about 90 miles from the start and have a few wiers tomorrow to get through.
Over and out.


  1. how far are you hillbillies going then?

  2. Few pints yesterday then! A pint and fish and chips in the sun next to the river sounds bloody lovely. X