Sunday, 29 July 2012

Making some ground.

Woke up in a sheep field. Fasted breakfast ever. Cold hotdog sausages on bread with pub ketchup and mustard.
Dan was already up having a fish so we packed our tents and got on the river around 9.30am.
We passed through Worcester today and three wiers. At the first lock we got asked for a boat license, we didn't have one but the lock keeper was good and let us through. He also rang to the next lock we would hit to get us through there ok.
We stopped shortly after the first wier on the right, a pub called The grimly. Where we had half an ale and then carried on into Worcester.
Hardest days paddling today, we made about 20+ miles and to a town called Upton upon severn. It was very windy this evening so we pulled into the town and had a couple of pints and a pub lunch. Our boats were tied safe so we sat indoors and I charged my phone. Nice pub called the kings head. It was about 11pm when we got back on the river, so had to be careful and stopped about 1/4 mile away in a field in the right. Dragged the boats up, pitched our tents and hope we aren't in a cow field.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, we've taken loads but hard to upload them.

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  1. Off to worcester on the 11th august, a 4 hour coach trip, would much rather go via boat. Well done you'z, love this posts...