Monday, 30 July 2012

Reached navigable distance 130miles

Woke up and after a quick breakfast of sultana sponge fingers we got our gear and straight on the river.
After a couple of miles hard paddling we reached Tewkesbury wier, where the guy let us into the lock alongside a canal boat.
Heavy rain set in for the first time in eight days and after an hour we stopped in a pub on the right for a pint and as it was Sunday a carvary! At this point we had passed the recommended navigable distance of the severn.
We paddled again for over 2 hours through heavy rain and then blazing sun. So took a breather in a little riverside pub called the boat in ( Asheworth Quay) and talked to the locals and landlord about the dangers if the river passed Gloucester.
When we get to Gloucester we can either take the canals to the left of climb round the wier and joint the severn again to the right. The river is now tidal and we should feel it's effects more and more from here although not really noticeable at the moment.
We stopped shortly after in a field on the right, pitched, built a fire and around 12am decided to call in a night.


  1. 130 miles? Thats awesome :) Bet you guys are all shattered! Looking forward to seeing my gorgeous fiance in a few days :p will this be an annual thing or have you all had enough for one lifetime? :) xxxx

  2. Hey Guys,
    I saw you yesterday at the Lower Lode Inn, just after you had filled up on the carvery, I reckon you should make a career out of it, professional River Severn Guides, keep up the hard work ;-)

  3. Chris Innes - Mom30 July 2012 at 18:05

    Well done boys. Sounds like you have had a really amazing time. Looking forward to seeing all the pics. Bet you are all looking forward to a nice shower and a comfy bed and of course getting back to your loved ones. Hopefully see you soon xxxxx