Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Duck Hunt

Woke up around 5am, went for a pee and growled as I was tired and achy. Dan told a tale later if a wild dog outside his tent....haha
Dan and Tali jumped in the river this morning as it was baking ( this city boy ain't ready for that yet ) then designed a pully to get water out of the river for washing.
Had breakfast, meatballs, spag hoops, toast, coffee and had to eat in the shade at 8.30am as it was too hot. Ran out of drinking water around 10ish and had to try and stick to any shade paddling the river that we could. ( Tali still burnt )
Fashioned some spears and climbed a bank as we spotted loads if ducks but didn't get chance but maybe next time. ( prob the wrong thing to be doing with no water)
Came across a scouts and guides camp after midday and refilled outbreak water supply the shortly after hit Shrewsbury Town and resupplied our food.
We paddled through Shrewsbury to the wier thought better of it after some discussion and carried all our gear and canoes round it. ( took ages )
Got shot of Shrewsbury for a few miles and found camp ( unofficial again ) somewhere between Shrewsbury and Atcham ( we think )
Found camp far too late again but I still managed to cook from scratch a full beef Bolognese, pasta and homemade garlic bread with aid if the fire for light and Tali.
Missing you all, going to try and sleep through these two snoring now.

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