Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 2

Not too bad night's sleep, some small animal trying to get under my tent whilst I was drifting off ( not Dan or Tali )
Easier day on the river today, upset only by tripping on the mudbank after breakfast, getting soaked and endless stinging nettle bites looking for camp.
We stopped off at Montford Bridge pub for some beef sandwiches and a few pints. Fancied a cigarette but there are no shops we are told for around 5hours, which resulted in buying cigars as cigarettes were £8!?
Found a campsite earlier today, not official campsite again but we are concealed as it is fairly remote.
Tali burnt his legs today but he doesn't seem bothered as per usual. Running low on alcohol and water is not looking too good either. We should hit a town tomorrow, we are somewhere between Bicton and Fitz (we think) horse trails over the river and woods behind us. Bad time to be talking about it, but looks a little like out of the film Wrong Turn....
Got roasted garlic and marshmallows to get through so will leave it here.
Nighty night


  1. Just knew you wouldn't go far without tracking down a pub! Did you not keep the other canoe then?! Looks like you are all really enjoying yourselves. X

  2. And what luck with the weather, hope it keeps up, happy rowing, it does look great fun and something l should have done many moons ago,lol.

  3. This is so entertaining. Keep having fun boys x

  4. Wrong Turn!! Love it! Eeeeeeeeeek. Watch out! X