Wednesday, 1 August 2012

An ended journey

Woke up after heavy rain all night, the electricity pylon was really noisey during the night.

We waited for high tide to pass and slid the boats into the river. The sandbanks look very different today and its easy to see how people would get stuck.

We travelled about 2 miles when Dan said that the canoe seemed to be taking on water. We pulled up in a flood gate dock and assessed the damage. Unfortunatley the metal had split next to the rivets on the bottom. End of a trip!

We spent 30 mins cleaning an area of the flood gate dock of thick sand, in order to unload and after walking the gear up to stairs we found ourselves in the beer garden of the whiteheart pub, broadoak. Our only probelm was that the pub didnt open for an hour and a half, oh well cant have it all.

We waited for the pub to open and our lift to arrive ( cheers Poppy ) and had a meal and few ales.

Overall this has been the most extreme trip I have ever done and proud of how far we have travelled - Pool Quay to Newnham. 11 Days paddling around 150 miles of river and 10 nights rough camping in spots we found along the way. I would recommend this trip to everyone. When we get chance we will post some more info on what we didnt wrong and right, what to take and not take. We will also try to plot on the map where we camped along the way.

Until the next one...


  1. Nice one lads! followed ur trip after bumping into you at Lower Lode on Sunday, I know the places you stayed the last few nights as I was from around those parts.Its hard to find a real adventure these days and I think you did it!!

    1. Thank you, we had an awesome time a little out of my depth once or twice but now fully recovered!